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Year 5 Meet The Teacher Presentation – September 2018

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Curriculum Letter Year 5 – Summer 2 2019

Curriculum Letter Year 5 – Summer 1 2019

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Curriculum Letter Year 5 – Spring 1 2019

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Curriculum Letter Year 5 – Autumn 1 2018



National Space Centre Trip – November 2018

We went to the National Space Centre in Leicester. The venue was excellent, with fantastic hands-on displays about the universe, stars, planets, asteroids and many more. We saw real space craft including Russian orbiters and a huge launch rocket. There were also many informative displays about the moon landings and the lives of astronauts. We had a terrific show about the International Space Station in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, and an expert-led workshop in which the children learned to remote-control a mars rover using programming software.