School Council & Executive Committee

School Council

The School Council will meet with Mrs. Bates every other week to discuss issues and ideas to improve St Mary’s School. Alan Kemp, our Chair of the Governing Body, is looking forward to regularly meeting with the children to listen to their thoughts and ideas.

All children within the school know that they have a voice and that their views are listened to. This helps to develop their sense of community and responsibility.

School Council members for 2018-2019 are as follows:

Y6 Executive Committee :

Chair – Flinty

Vice Chair – Lewis

Minutes’ Secretary – Thomas

Agenda Secretary – Soraya

Treasurer – Adam W

Year 2 – Jessica & Luca

Year 3 – Imogen & Josephine

Year 4 – Isabella & Jake

Year 5 – Macy, Elodee & Riad

School Council presentation 2019 – May 2019